5 Keys to build deeper connections with people!

Use the following tools to communicate friendliness and create positive interactions & connections with positive people! Learn how to get people to like you fast.

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1. Matching mirroring

If you copy the body language of the person you are having a conversation with, the other person will feel more safe and relaxed around you. Our human brains are wired to like people who are similar ourselves. You can copy the body language, words, tonality, state of mind and breath. The key is to not overdo it. You can use this tool to create a deeper connection with people you want to be friends with or simply communicate friendliness.

We humans are matching and mirroring each other all the time, everyday subconsciously, without being aware of it. Most people being completely unaware it. So what you will notice when you are using this tool is that people will actually start to copy you after a little while. THEN you can guide them into a good state of mind. And you can have a strong positive influence in that person’s life.



Everybody knows that smiling communicates friendliness, but most people don’t know to which extent smiling actually affects the people around us and ourselves. First of all, smiling releases feel good chemicals in your brain! Which ultimately leads to people viewing you as a positive and friendly person. The other thing is that when we smile to a person, that person’s brain actually releases ”feel good” chemicals too, by just seeing your smile. When we see another person smile at us neurons in our brains fires up as if we’re smiling ourselves. It is a super powerful and positive thing to do. The health benefits and the effect it has on our minds are mind-blowing.


”Laughter is a smile having an orgasm”

if smiling has such a powerful effect on the human mind, imagine what laughing does. If you are laughing together with a person, then your rapport becomes STRONG! When you have laughed with a person, that person will see you as a wonderful buddy.

4. Active listening.

When we are really listening to a person, that person will pick up that you are listening, and people LOVE other people who  are good listeners. Try to listen without interrupting. The better listener you are the better connections you’ll get. Show that you are listening by occasionally nodding your head, smiling, repeating what they said just in the form of a question, when it seems appropriate. When that person stops speaking, let there be silence for 2-3 seconds before you say anything. Make sure they are finished talking. This tool can be very powerful under the right circumstances.


5. Fill your mind with positivity

Thoughts we have in our minds are energy, like everything else in the Universe. Positive thoughts = High vibrational energy. Negative thoughts = Low vibrational energy. We are emitting energy constantly out to the physical world… Radiate positive energy! Do so by keeping a positive state of mind as often as possible. You can also use tools like Positive Affirmations, Meditation, EFT, NLP, Hypnosis to wire your subconscious mind with positive patterns.

Our thoughts and emotions show on our faces through micro expressions. The subconscious mind is so powerful that it can pick up micro expressions in the faces of other people. Our brain does a quick scan and judges a person within seconds. Keeping a positive mind will radiate positive vibes to other people with no effort.

Thank you for being here.

Infinite love,
Alexander Soares Varhaug

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I am an infinite being, incarnated here to assist planet Earth's spiritual ascension. I am LOVE. My name is Alexander. I am co-creator and team member of Powerthoughts meditation club, on the pursuit of raising the vibrations of this planet. I love to connect. To connect with people, myself, the Universe, nature, animals and YOU. My spiritual journey began when I decided not to live as a prisoner of negative thoughts and emotions, and turned my life around. I became more aware of my own energy and how I could raise it and use it to create and manifest. Through the teaching of spiritual masters and meditation I changed my thought and behavioral patterns, and started living a more positive and happy life. I'm grateful everyday. Now a few years later, I'm a certified EFT therapist and a NLP Master Coach and re-connective healer. Everyday I work on raising my own as well as the planets vibration. Life purpose: Observe, learn, love, grow, teach & create Infinite love.
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