5 Steps To Connect With Your Life Purpose & Re-Awaken the power within you!


Many of us walk through life in half-sleep mode. Just doing time, waiting… Doing what we are told, and living the normal square life and often in the process, forgetting who we really are, who we truly are… Creators. The true creators that we are kind of gets forgotten or put on hold as we grow up and continue to do what authority figures say and want us to do, many times completely ignoring the spiritual and imaginative and creative side of life where all dreams are possible. We are often conditioned to believe that our dreams and desires are childish and highly improbable… Unfortunately those beliefs become very strong for some, so strong that they never pursuit their dreams again…

There was a time when we could play and pretend to be whatever we wanted to be. Remember when you really had fun as a kid and loved doing something? That feeling is putting your biology into harmony, it is the feeling of creation and passion. Those feelings are the ones that takes you forward to new good experiences, it heals your body and mind and connects you to your life purpose and life path. If you know about the law of attraction, you know that while having those feelings  you are sending out a powerful positive signal to the Universe and attracting to you more of what you are holding in your mind.

Have we been rushed into ”growing up” to quick and forgot about our powers?

Here are 5 steps to take you closer to your life purpose and re-awaken that power within you!


1.Ask yourself; What did I love to do when I was a kid?
By going back in time to when we were kids we can get an idea of our deepest dreams and desires. What did you dream of as a kid? What did you love when you were a kid? Write down the 3 things you loved doing most as a kid. Find a way to re-connect with those things and use it as tools to get yourself into a positive state of mind.

2. Find out who inspires you and why?
Who do you get inspired by? Who do you think is cool? Who can uplift you when you are feeling down? family member? musician? life coach? motivational speaker? Finding out who triggers inspiration for you can give you a little clue about what your life purpose is about and who you really are deep within. Find out why this person is inspiring to you? What are they doing? Why do you find it inspiring? What can you do to be more like that? Write it down.

3. Follow your gut feeling.
Deep down inside you still know what you want to do. Your inner compass is always working and its time to stop ignoring it. If you keep asking yourself the right questions, you will find the right answer. Positive questions = positive answers. Very often our conscious mind will analyse the answer with the logical part of us and we are often easy lead to dismiss the thoughts and ideas we are having. Often that results in ideas and greatness never seeing the light of day, because of doubt and insecurity. Don’t let that person be you. Don’t over analyse, write down your ideas! Keep that journal near you so that you always have access to it! Write down the ideas you have no matter what.

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4. Open your mind & Heal yourself!
When we begin to open our minds and begin to understand ourselves and how our subconscious mind operates, we start to see things in a new perspective. We can begin to use that to our advantage, and heal our selves. To work on our subconscious minds patterns and create the life we want to live and be happy in the process. When we truly are in balance and harmony within ourselves, we will automatically be pulled towards our life purpose.

Find ways to feed your mind with positive information on how to heal and expand yourself. Expand your mind and knowledge on the self.

5. Allow
Allow all things to flow to you and through you. When you begin to journey towards your life path, notice all the small things that are super synchronized little opportunities for your growth. When you begin to follow your inner compass, things will begin to fall in place, and everything will start changing for you. Our brain is not made to comprehend how things are going to fall into place, that is the higher minds job. So don’t worry about the hows! Notice the opportunities and act upon them. And remember, blessings can often be disguised as trials and pain. Move through it. Take action towards your inner vision. 1 step at the time.

I believe in you. Now you got to believe in yourself.

Infinite love,
Alexander Soares Varhaug

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I am an infinite being, incarnated here to assist planet Earth's spiritual ascension. I am LOVE. My name is Alexander. I am co-creator and team member of Powerthoughts meditation club, on the pursuit of raising the vibrations of this planet. I love to connect. To connect with people, myself, the Universe, nature, animals and YOU. My spiritual journey began when I decided not to live as a prisoner of negative thoughts and emotions, and turned my life around. I became more aware of my own energy and how I could raise it and use it to create and manifest. Through the teaching of spiritual masters and meditation I changed my thought and behavioral patterns, and started living a more positive and happy life. I'm grateful everyday. Now a few years later, I'm a certified EFT therapist and a NLP Master Coach and re-connective healer. Everyday I work on raising my own as well as the planets vibration. Life purpose: Observe, learn, love, grow, teach & create Infinite love.
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