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Here is a collection of feedback from people who got value from our audios. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.


Youtube Channel Feedback

 Love your work and your channel…this is a very good service to humanity that you are performing and I wish you all the success in your efforts to raise the frequency and vibration of our collective…heal yourself, heal our world!
Much Love and Thanks to you. – Jason


I’m subscribed to my share of channels that output mixes, but this channel by far has the most resonating and compatible tones for me, and I greatly appreciate the work. – Nina

This great, glad I found you this is my favorite channel now. Namaste – Edward

So happy I found your channel. It’s obvious you both put your heart and soul into every mix you do! Thanks! – Jessica

Amazing power, I subscribed immediately. Many thanks! Peace & Love – Andreas

I just love this channel!!! – Carter

Thank you, just lovely . You guys are hands down my fave meditation site. I’ve deleted most others from my favourites page & listen to yours exclusively. – Amanda


Lights Of The Soul


Brainwave Music and Solfeggio Music

Absolutely loved this, i am beaming! – Rachel

Amazing music! it is rare that I actually feel relaxed and peaceful when listening to meditation music. you’ve got a fan for life. thank you so much!!! – Amiko

I have discoved my pacifier…the drums awaken every fiber of my being…thank you for your gift. – Jesse

This is more that fantastic or awesome, it’s incredible. Sometimes these things sound also much the same but this one stands out and the visuals are very nice as well. Well done!

I feel inner peace and a sense of calmness when listening to the music. Thank you for sharing this powerful beat. – Nancy

I have  been doing meditation for years, and this is one of the best I’ve ever heard….well done….may all sentient beings find peace, joy, compassion, gratitude. – Cathleen

This sound is just magic, pure magic! Thanks so much for sharing it with us! – Andy

HI and THANK YOU GUYS!!!! this is soooo powerful. I have been Healing with S. tones for a couple of years now, but this one just just takes it(and me) somewhere else… The Native Tribal Drumming is literally- entrancing…..WOW . Gratitude and love, big time… : ) – Kamilla

I love this. I listen to it and it helps me focus on getting tasks done – Sheila

Thank you so much, for healed my body,soul
very powerful , the day I found this and listened healing music best ever happened in my life – Jessica

Amazing! The drumming rooted me firmly down to Earth while the tone lifted me upward to the heavens. I feel empowered and attuned. Thank you SO much, Infinite Blessings to you! –

Wow, thank you very much, my body was expanding and I was one with the universe, namaste. – Crissie

I like to fall asleep to this music and wake feeling very optimistic about my future and full of joy for life. I’ve begun to eat healthier and have felt better physically and mentally and spiritually. – Gina

Wow! Just wow! I have literally just listened to this for the first time and I can feel every cell in my body still vibrating, feel like I’m floating. Powerful, Thank you – Heather


Sleep Music

Love all your sleep music – so great to sleep – Napoleon

Gorgeous nature video, wonderful sound. This just became my favorite sleep video. Thank you so much for creating it. – Harriet

Lovely music. It’s making me fall asleep… – Brandon

This really does help me when I’m having a bad day or just need a great sleep.Thank you,this video has great results and helps me go to sleep. – Christina

I just found out that I have insomnia, but I don’t want to take any pills and risk not being able to stop. I’ve had a lot of trouble sleeping for the past few weeks, and this music helps me mellow out and fall asleep within minutes. I don’t wake up multiple times throughout the night for no reason. Just a deep, relaxing sleep that’s nearly impossible to wake up from until I’m ready. Thank you for this music, and thank you for helping me sleep at night.
– Monica

I have insominia and I hate taking pills just to sleep. I’ve listened to tons of music that run more than 3 hrs but can never stay asleep. This is the best. This is my favorite!! It makes me dream and sleep for a longer time. Thank you. -Trina

I’ve never seen nor heard something that beautiful..
Thank you so much! – Caroline

I can’t sleep properly without this. Thank you. Guarantees REM stage 4 an 5 and the most lucid dreams that end right before I wake up and have to figure out where I am. – Craig
I love it!Its the best I have heard so far out of all relaxing music. – Harry

Lovely thank you. I couldn’t believe how fast and deeply this made me fall asleep. – Ashley

Fuck, this is super effective! I slept through my alarm and had AMAZING dreams! – David

I slept amazing never have felt so refreshed – Kerry


Artificial Mind



 Awesome! Thank you so much for all you do,I LOVE your channel. It has helped change my life for the better. God Bless!!!! – Chris

Infinite gratitude for your Beautiful Creations. This one is truly empowering. – Louise

1 word: Powerful. – Joey

As an HSP and very much in tune to a great deal of things on an extremely deep level, I have to say that this video is purely supreme. As close to perfection as one could possibly get. Soul soothing background OM and powerful, clearly spoken words of affirmations. Well done and please keep up the wonderful work, you’re reaching and helping alot more than you could possibly know. – Mike

Oh my goodness! I am dizzy after that…. In the best way! Jessica

Wow !!! Amazing!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Right on time, you just saved my day! Many blessings and love. – Bethy

Usually don’t comment on any of the meditations I listen to, but today I am. This is amazing! As soon as you started talking I felt my energy shifting. You are a true being of light. Thank you for putting this together. I wish you many blessings and success in everything you do!!! – Patricia

Thank you for this beautifully perfect magic spell, I can feel the cells in my body responding to your words and the music, this has really helped me, thank you so much X – Sheila

Thank you so very much for this meditation, it is very powerful and relaxing and it helps calm my mind, my thoughts and my heart, I am confident this meditation will help me in all areas of my life, I wish you the very best blessing’s of life and success!!!! – Jason

Thank you very much for this video. It helped me to release so much stress that builded up in the last weeks! I can feel to connection again and it fills me with so much joy 🙂 – Bianca

You are truly heaven sent. I’m new at mind meditation and your videos really take me there. When I close my eyes and listen my mind just takes off. I really feel positive energy in my soul and my heart! My world feels alright. When I open my eyes I’m smiling and I feel this peace over me. This is a blessing from God. – Maritza

You’re saving my life. Thank you! – Natalia

I love you so much and I really want to thank you. I’m just so grateful and thankful I haven’t felt like this in years, I actually cried tears of joy, because finally, for so many years this negative energy has been lifted off of me!! And again seriously thank you so much for helping me! I feel so spiritually alive again!! HUGS – Diana

Thank you for this! I feel a great sense of peace and calm I havent felt in a while.
I will use this daily. – John


Propagation Of Identity



Another gem, a gift to us all. You’re truly beautiful and I’m thankful to have found you. Whenever I want to feel better, I know where to go; right here! – Marc

Thank you so much again I am enjoying to connecting with you and your videos make me feel great. God bless you. Namaste – Aracely

Thank you so much for providing these free of charge! I facilitate various groups for people on probation and parole and am excited to introduce them to the transformative healing abilities of your videos. Thank you again so VERY much! May love, peace, health and abundance be yours! – Kim

Haven’t been that deep in… years? Massive appreciation for what you do!
A Trusted Energy Expert you are 😉 – Chris

This moved me to the most beautiful tears I ever shed…I deeply needed this…my mind has been filled with such negativity lately and now I am at such peace…I truly from my soul thank you for this and I send to you my love in gratitude… – Zamhi

I feel “cleaner”, as if I have been bathed in perfect love. May you continue to spread peace & love wherever you are! Janice

This is a powerful peace and I truly enjoyed this session. Peace, love, and positive light source energy to you. Thanks and great blessings to you. – Lena

I watched this early this morning and I’ve felt brilliant all day. I have a severe anxiety disorder among other issues that usually keeps me in constant stress and worry but today I haven’t even thought about it. 🙂 – Alexander

This was life changing. I want to thank you so, so much for this feeling that I have never felt before. – Jeanette

It relaxed my mind and body and decreased my stress levels! i feel so pure from within! feel as if all the unwanted things are past now and will never return and have gone somewhere far! – Randi

This was AMAZING it made me feel so relaxed and happy,I don’t have depression,but I know people who have depression and I feel like this would really help them,I do have anxiety and this all ready made me feel better,thanks for making this. – Amalie




Guided Meditation

That was so amazing, this whole project is like a wave of positive healing. Thank you so much! And it’s great that it’s so short too. So short, yet so powerful. You’re the best. – Evelyn

I love this video. The voice is even more motivating. I seem to instantly go into trance once I am totally relaxed. It brings such a beautiful feeling to my mind body and soul. – Nzinga

This is so incredible I am full of Energy and Warmth and Love, my Passion feels like it has multiplied 10 fold, The universe is Amazing. Thank You Thank You I AM GRATFUL AND BLESSED..And so it is. -Danielle

Thank you so, so much…. This is an amazingly beautiful & healing meditation… It is changing things that have been stuck for my whole life… I am so grateful to have found you guys… -Robin

This is soooo good….the little story touched me directly and made me cry, then the affirmations , suggestions are so universal and beautifully put and thorough, wonderful voice, helping me through tough times and long self doubt, thankyou so much for this beautiful audio. – Katherine

This is the first time that l listen to the hypnosis, and l don’t. Know why l start crying like a little. Girl l feel so relax so in peace .thanks to help people like myself . Blessing. – Jolanda

I am so skeptical about things like this, but I have got to say that this is the first time something has actually made me feel better. Like the weight of negative thoughts have left my head. THANK YOU. – Nicolai

It made me cry!!!! love it – Shelly

I have to tell you that I’ve been listening everyday since the beginning of the year, and I feel that this has really had a wonderful impact on me. This is a very special gift you’ve given everyone, I couldn’t possibly tell you enough how grateful I am for this. – Justin

O-M-G, Kenneth this is brilliant!! I rarely comment on videos but yours is SO compelling, I just had to. Your voice reminds me of Ricardo Mantalban, so strong and confident, yet soothing. I felt incredibly calm yet energized and powerful listening to you. I plan to make this a permanent part of my morning ritual! OUTSTANDING sir!! Well done indeed!
– Marc