Forgiveness Is Often Misunderstood


Forgiveness…A word that has different meaning for different people. On an energetic level it releases us from low vibrational energy from the past. Guilt, bitterness, regret, sorrow, resentment, hate, anger, revenge – Like Louise Hay says it “each one of these states comes from a space of unforgivness, a refusal to let go and come into the present moment”. These emotions are all energies that are keeping us stuck as we subconsciously re-live our past very minute of every day. To forgive means to release us from the past and let the learning from the events unfold.


Forgiveness is not justifying what happened

To forgive doesn´t mean that what happened was ok. It doesn´t justify anything. It doesn´t mean that you will do the same “mistake” again. In no shape or form is resenting the past protecting you now. It doesn´t mean that you need to “like” the persons involved. And it certainly doesn´t mean that the persons involved are getting away with it. The latter is a strong one for many. I´ve done therapy with a lot of people, and the resistance to let go of the past often comes from the idea that “if I forgive or let go of this, then he/she will get away with it.” It comes from a need to punish the other person, but in reality it is self punishment. Cruelty to oneself. In most cases, the people that are being resented don´t even know this. To forgive isn´t about the other person or situation. It is about you.

To hold on to these emotions is like injecting poison every day and expecting the other person/persons to die.

So let´s say you continue to hold on. What will the consequence of this be 10 years from now? 20 years from now? What is really the point? Our hearts are yearning to be free, but in our head we justify why we have a reason to continue walking upwards a hill with a backpack filled with 200 pounds of stones from the past.


Self forgiveness is probably the biggest issue really

We all do our best with the resources we have available in the moment. It is easy to look back and think “I should have done this. Or I should´t have done that.” Maybe, maybe not. Either way, it is over. That moment has passed. Re-living it doesn´t change it. It´s like throwing gasoline into a fire. Imagine holding the 3 year old you on your lap…Looking him/her into the eye…and tell that little you how much you resent them… That is not a good feeling is it? To resent oneself for things that have happened is like resenting our inner child, and even our future selves. Our subconscious mind don´t know the difference between future or past. It just reacts on emotions and their vibration, everything is NOW. You have done your best. Could we have done better? Yes maybe. But so what!? You did what you did. Now it´s to late. You can do better now, because now you can do something about. In 15 minutes from now we are 15 minutes closer to our death. Are we just going to waste it or are we going to move on? The choice is only yours.

The most important person to forgive?

Yourself. Period.


From a soul perspective

From a soul perspective – life is learning. That means that behind every experience no matter how “cruel or unfair” it is an experience, and every experience we can grow from or we can wither. Our choice. Our physical experience is made up of dualities. Up and down. Warm and cold. Light and dark, and so on. That must mean that behind every negative experience there is a positive side to it. What is the learning behind our “negative” experiences? I ask this with the deepest respect, because I know how “hard” some experiences are, and people really have gone through some awful things in life. Still, from a soul perspective…when we cross to the other side reviewing our life with our spiritual guides and loved ones, there is no judgement. There is only love, compassion and learning.

To forgive releases the wisdom that has been trapped in the prison of unforgiveness. – Kenneth Soares

I want to recommend the beautiful and powerful book Your Souls Plan by author Robert Schwartz. This is the best book I have ever read on the subject “how and why we choose our lives and some key experiences”.


I don´t know how to let go

This is understandable. Luckily for us all there are many tools, these work, but only by using them. I will share some of them here. I´ve made videos with guided meditations that will work on your subconscious mind. Please feel free to use the video at the top of this post. It can help you more than you think. Give yourself time to go through this. It may take days, weeks and sometimes it happens instantly. Personally I believe it will let go as soon as we have made a 100% decision to let go. There is absolutely no need in living with low vibrational energies locked in mind, body and spirit. Travel light. That is the key to inner peace. Travel light dear Soul. We all deserve to free from suffering and to live in peace and love. We are all one.


From the Heart,

Kenneth Soares



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