How to absolutely NAIL 2016

As 2015 draws to a close, the manner with which we step into 2016 can greatly influence the momentum we build throughout the year and how the reality of it will be for us. New year’s resolutions are set around this time and can be hugely effective due to collective energies and intentions coming together, creating powerhouses for change and the manifestation of our desires.

We have all been there, start the new year off with a bang….we are eager, raring to go, full of energy, enthusiasm, positivity, unstoppable and the efforts of our intentions start to come to fruition right before our very eyes. The momentum builds like a snowball…and then, many of us struggle to stay on the metaphorical momentum train until the new year’s resolution appears a distant bittersweet memory…

Here are a few tips to take into the new year with you which will create more joy in 2016 and also ‘fine tune’ your manifestation abilities:

  1. Begin each day by directing your energetic momentum towards that which feels good to you

During sleep our energetic momentum slows down and when we rise we start the process all over again. It is very easy to pick up the energetic flow from where we left off i.e. the mood/energy vibration with which we went to sleep. Spend just a few minutes being aware of how you feel when you are awake, how easy it is to think about that which we were the night before and find ONE simple thing to feel genuinely grateful for. This one process of gratitude searching has an immense impact on refocusing your energetic output. You will even feel the change within your body. The Universe is constantly expanding. When we are aligned with Source energy, that creates and breathes life into it, we feel good; when we resist expansion, we feel bad. One simple thought is all it takes to realign your energy and move with the power of Source.

2. Set your daily intentions

From a newly, energetically focussed place, from a vibrationally higher level, set your intentions for the day and send them out to the Universe. Only that of a similar vibration can exist in the same space, so by altering your output you attract more of what you intend and feel. Your thoughts are very powerful (see how HERE), by feeling grateful, you align your higher vibrating energy with Source energy, and through intention setting you manifest and draw upon the creating energy of Source itself.

3. Give yourself the freedom to change and be flexible in your desires based on what feels good

To improve is to change. To be perfect is to change often. Don’t beat yourself up about changing your plans. Instead, keep following your greatest joy by listening to your guidance system, which is your in built emotions. Do what feels good and for your highest good. Fear is the polar opposite of what your inner self intends for you. Being aware of your conditioned fears help you to focus on your natural state of joy and happiness. From this place you are able to create what you want for the coming year and line up with your soul purpose. Remember, every morning you have the opportunity to begin again.

4. Make happiness your primary goal

You can only operate at full capacity when the spirit in you is nurtured. This not only nourishes your soul but has a knock on effect on those around you. To help heal others, we must heal ourselves. Recognise that everything that happens to you, is attracted by you, and in knowing this feel the liberation of knowing that you create your own reality. Life mirrors who you are and what you consistently focus on and therefore what you project energetically. By understanding ourselves via the experiences life gives us, not only can we feel thankful for the external insight into ourselves, but we can also practice the art of allowing happiness. Happiness is the platform from which we can create desirable lives and impact others in a positive way.

5. Allow your resistance to melt

As mentioned earlier, resistance to expansion creates unease. Peace, joy and happiness come from allowing and surrendering to Source energy. The difference between us and a kitchen table, is that Source energy and its awareness flows through us. Nature makes no mistakes and is flawless. Understanding and allowing this supreme intelligence, this source of nature, to ‘do it’s thing’ creates perfection. Negative emotion, such as resentment, fear, anger and worry are forms of resistance to what is. Therefore, think less and feel more. Listen to your body and be guided by what feels good, which is the path of least resistance and the door to abundance.

We wish you a year full of abundance, health, and happiness. May you remember your infinite potential and feel pure love for yourselves and others.

With love,

Risha and everyone at the Powerthoughts team


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