How to change the brains tendency to think negatively!


      It’s important that we grasp how the subconscious mind works.


The subconscious mind is non-linear. which means, if something happened to you 10 years ago and you think about it now, your body can experience it as if it was happening right now. Your body thinks your thoughts are real and believes what you are thinking about is happening right now. You have probably experienced starting to laugh when you thought of something funny? Or felt a lump in your throat or stomach from unpleasant thoughts or for example getting the nerves before an exam… Even though they are just thoughts and you know consciously and logically that they are just thoughts,  Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between imagination and reality.

”Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality.” – Earl Nightingale

Everything we see, hear and imagine is being stored in our subconscious mind. Our subconscious is wide open. You can put anything in it and our behaviour changes based on what is being stored in it. Our thoughts & Imagination are the seeds to our emotions. So what seeds are you planting? Harmony, inner peace, love and happiness? or fear, anxiety, and sadness? Our dominant thoughts and our beliefs about those thoughts are what shapes our lives. If you truly believe that you are good enough and meant for greatness, chanses are that you will move towards that vission. If you have beliefs about yourself being stupid, or not good enough or something like that, It is likely you will not move towards that vission of greatness.

Only 5 % of all our behaviour is conscious, meaning that 95% of all our actions and behaviours are coming from our subconscious mind, That means that our behaviours are almost an automatic reaction based upon what has been put into the subconscious mind. What programing are you installing to your brain? Love vibration or Fear vibration? Are you thinking positive thoughts or negative thoughts mostly? Too much negative thinking can destroy your life!


What do you think happens if a person is constantly feeding their subconscious mind negative imagery from for example the television, technology, negative people or negative thinking? Yes, you guessed it. It programs the mind with negative patterns. Worry, anxiety, stress, fear, low self-esteem are just to mention a few of the emotional side effects. When the subconscious mind overloads on negativity for too long, suddenly we can begin to experience physical pains and health problems begin to manifest.


Our bodies are a reflection of our minds.


The conscious mind can be a good liar, but the subconscious mind will show the truth through our physiology, body language and body postures. Since our body language is subconscious, most people won’t be aware of what their bodies are doing. You can notice a great difference in the body language/posture of a positive and negative person. A negative person for example being more tense and tight, arms and legs crossed, tightness in the face and shoulders, shallow breathing, sweaty palms. While a positive person will have a more relaxed and open posture, deeper and balanced breathing, speaking flows more easily and maybe even a smile on their face. Your brain follows your physiology!

Put a smile on your face in a difficult situation and hold it there for a while and your brain will begin to release feel good chemicals into your body. Our physiology is hardwired to our subconscious mind. In a sense our body is our subconscious mind. What this means is that when we change our physiology, our psychology will follow. Try it in a stressful situation. straighten your back, take a few deep breaths, and relax your shoulders. Your whole biology will change and the brain releases completely different chemicals. Your voice is also a part of your physiology. So singing can definitely be a powerful tool. If you want to take it a little further, go for a run, or dance, move around.

Techniques to stop negative thoughts and emotions: 

1.Change your breathing patterns, breath deeply.
2. Focus upon the best that could happen in your situation.
. Straighten up your neck and spine.
4. Encourage yourself with positive words.
5. Put a smile on your face, even if it’s fake and hold it for 30 seconds.
6. Listen to music you love.
7. Move your body. dance, sing. workout. take a walk.
8. Make sure that every time you visualize something that it’s positive.
9. Refuse to think negatively. Focus upon the good always.
10. 2 Hours nature reduces stress hormones up to 800% and activate 500-600 DNA segments.


When we operate more from our hearts our personal reality changes, everything we are and do flows more easily and naturally. Even our Biology changes. Isn’t it great that we can train ourselves to operate more from our hearts on a subconscious level to live a more joyous and high quality everyday life? When we are happy we make others happy too.

MIND-BLOWING study with people with multiple personality disorder!


”Astonishing are the biological changes that change with each personality. Often medical conditions possessed by one personality will disappear when another personality takes over. Dr. Bennett Braun of the International Society for the Study of Multiple Personality, in Chicago, has documented a case in which all of a patient’s personalities were allergic to orange juice, except one. If the man drank orange juice when he was being one of the allergic personalities, he would break out in a terrible rash. But, if he switched to his non-allergic personality, the rash would instantly start to fade, and he could drink orange juice with no medical consequences.”

ref: (“The Holographic Universe”)

The law of attraction.
The universe does not give us what we want, but how we feel in our body. The hearts electromagnetic field is 5000 stronger than that of the brain. We are constantly emitting energy from our hearts and out into the Universe, and the dominant vibrations we put out mirrors itself back to us through the experiences we are getting.

How many of us ask where we get our thoughts and ideas from? In freeing our mind we have to start questioning our reality.

How to start reprograming your subconscious mind:

Take responsibility for what you are watching!

If we are watching a tv program which shows you negative imagery it will affect your psychology whether you notice it or not. We end up losing our power and programing our mind with fear and negative patterns. When we look at positive images and place ourselves in a positive environment it will clear negative energy and store more harmony into our minds.

”There are two wolf’s inside of us all. One is negative, fearful, angry, jealous, greedy and resentful. And the other one is positive, peaceful, joyous, loving, forgiving, kind, energetic and hungry for life. Everyday you decide which one of them you feed.”

2. Meditation helps you move more into your heartspace

Meditation releases old energy and builds up new and positive energy. The heart does not need to think it only has to feel. Meditation gives us clarity of mind and with that clarity comes inner peace, when you have inner peace you are vibrating at a high vibrational frequency. (Positive) The more you practice this, the more naturally you will be peaceful.

Through conscious breathing we oxygenate our blood, and it gives us vitality, confidence, energy and glow and it boost our brain function.
If the air you are breathing isn’t fresh, You aren’t giving your mind and body the oxygen it needs, and it reduces our brain function and energy.

3. Breaking habits and replacing them with new ones.

The more we change our old habits one step at the time, the more we are putting things in motion that will lead us to become the greatest versions of ourselves… Many people have really bad habits of complaining about their job, the weather, their neighbour, their spouse or friends. When we break those tendencies and replace those thoughts/words with positive ones instead, over time, we change our automatic patterns of thinking and therefore we change the results and emotions/feelings we have in all aspects of our lives.

Today is a new start. A new opportunity. Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate. What you put out into the Universe comes back. All that we are and ever will be arises from our thoughts. At anytime we can start changing our story. Think good & loving thoughts.

4. Positive visualisation.

Our Subconscious mind works through imagery. So feed it positive images everyday, from both your imagination and from the external world. Combine the images with good thoughts. Find out what makes you feel good and what gets you into a happy&strong mental state and do it everyday!

5. Gratitude. 

Being grateful is a very highvibrational emotion. The more gratitude you have, the more you build it as a subconscious pattern. When it’s become a pattern you will naturally become even more grateful.

6. Using/listening to affirmations

Listening to positive affirmations is useful in re-wiring your brain with positive thought patterns. Remember, your thoughts are the seeds to your emotions. Listening to affirmations can eliminate self-defeating beliefs make room for more new positive beliefs instead, which leads to more wellbeing and higher quality of life.

Listen to Positive affirmations here!

I personally believe that when we eliminate self-defeating beliefs and fill our minds with joy, peace, love and courage, the path to our life purpose appears before us.



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