6 Powerful Steps TO STAY MOTIVATED!

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There comes a time in your life when you must make a choice. And that choice is, to be successful, or… To continue  living life in the comfort zone. You see, success is a choice, you can either work towards your goals & dreams and create the life you want to live, happy. free. loving life and what you are doing…Or you don’t do that. It’s a choice. You CAN make that choice now…

Think about this; If you choose the comfort zone, then you choose to not live life to the fullest. Working towards Your goals and dreams is a choice and when you make that choice and move towards that inner vision you have, the world around you will change. When you change your mind everything will change for you.

Today is a good day to start working towards the greatness that has been inside you all along. We must see challenges for what they really are; opportunities for our growth! At some point you begin to realize within your self, that you are the creator of your reality, and that your thoughts and emotions are creating the lens from which you perceive this reality, this life experience. When you realize that you can change that lens of perception and attract the things you really want into your life. Begin living a more joyous fulfilling life. Our heart is emitting electromagnetic energy out to the Universe every second, attracting to us more of what we focus on and feel into our experience.

We all have a responsibility for the greater good of our selves and planet Earth. And that responsibility is to work on ourselves, and help raise the collective consciousness. So that we can begin to thrive and heal our home. Planet Earth.

“if we are not growing and moving towards our goals and dreams, we are committing spiritual suicide.”

– Les Brown

If you are willing to change, everything will start changing for you. When you start making personal changes, your income will change, your health will change, your future will change, your looks will change, your friends will change, your surroundings will change, everything will change for the better. But only if YOU are willing to start making the right changes.

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You have to have a purpose and you must have a plan. It is very important that you be defined about what it is that you’re going after. What is your purpose? Write it down, as specific as possible your plan, and why you want to do it. Be as detailed as possible on both! Use the why as motivation! When you succeed, does it impact anyone else than yourself as well? Perhaps one of the most motivating factor in our lives is the sense that we´re fulfilling a greater purpose?



Step out of your comfort zone. You are here to make a difference. But that can only happen when you challenge yourself. Your greatest accomplishment is being yourself fully. Daring to be the best you can be…
”The comfort zone is an ok place to be, but nothing beautiful grows there.” – Unknown



Change your thoughts and attitude. We become and we experience what we think and focus on, What we think about expands… It grows. And when we put emotion into those thoughts, it grows even faster, regardless if it’s positive of negative. Think of your thoughts as seeds in fertile soil. nd now when we realize that, we must begin being careful about what we give our energy and focus to, we must direct our thoughts to what we want to create, instead of what we don’t want.



Find out what triggers you. What motivates and inspires you? Is it music? Spiritual teachers? Life coaches? Motivational speakers? workout? Find the triggers that puts you in a fired up state! It is very important that you have techniques to get you into the right state of mind! What makes you feel good? Find it, and use it to your advantage. When you feel good, your cognitive function is optimized.



Time management is very important when we want to get things done. Making time scheduling a habit is a very smart move. Be specific, and follow through with the ”to do list”. You can reward yourself when you finish the different tasks. Write down and plan what time you’re going to do the different tasks.



Believe that your dreams are possible, choose to believe in abundance and that you deserve it and can create it, accept these belief as your reality. Believe that you have the power within you to create the life you want to live.

“The starting point of all achievement is desire.” —Napoleon Hill

I believe in you with all of my heart. Now believe in yourself!

Infinite love,
Alexander Soares

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I am an infinite being, incarnated here to assist planet Earth's spiritual ascension. I am LOVE. My name is Alexander. I am co-creator and team member of Powerthoughts meditation club, on the pursuit of raising the vibrations of this planet. I love to connect. To connect with people, myself, the Universe, nature, animals and YOU. My spiritual journey began when I decided not to live as a prisoner of negative thoughts and emotions, and turned my life around. I became more aware of my own energy and how I could raise it and use it to create and manifest. Through the teaching of spiritual masters and meditation I changed my thought and behavioral patterns, and started living a more positive and happy life. I'm grateful everyday. Now a few years later, I'm a certified EFT therapist and a NLP Master Coach and re-connective healer. Everyday I work on raising my own as well as the planets vibration. Life purpose: Observe, learn, love, grow, teach & create Infinite love.
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