I AM Affirmations for VIBRANT HEALTH & WELLBEING | Solfeggio 852 & 963 Hz



A special edition of I AM affirmations that are focusing on MANIFESTING A VIBRANT PHYSICAL HEALTH, WELLBEING HAPPINESS – FROM THE CORE OF YOUR HEART & SOUL. Connect to your higher mind and Intuitive guidance to LIVE YOUR LIFE PURPOSE and EFFORTLESSLY MAINTAIN THE HEALTH, WELLBEING & ENERGY THAT SERVES YOURSELF AND HUMANITY FOR THE HIGHEST GOOD. This is a path to self-mastery of the physical body. Mixed with alpha waves ( 8 HZ binaural beats), solfeggio 852hz and 963hz, OM mantra and powerful drums.

“After the making of the video “I AM Spiritual Abundance & Success” the feedback was so awesome that I have decided to make a series with the same style of music and visuals, but with different kind of powerful affirmations. I want to create something different. Not with the standard meditation music, but something I haven´t heard before. More rhythm, punch and power. I´ve also added som outstandingly beautiful videos of nature herself. My intention with this video is to meld the physical body, mental, emotional and spiritual body. When these aspects of us work together it creates harmony in our physical body. How much more good can you do in the world when you feel abundantly healthy, happy and vibrant?

Take care of your temple brothers and sisters.


Here are the list of affirmations created and spoken:

I AM enjoying a complete sense of well-being in my body and mind

I AM nourishing my body with thoughts of abundant and radiant health

I AM choosing All of my thoughts to be healthy and positive thoughts.

I AM sending Love to all the cells in my body, and they are now returning to their perfect original blueprint.

I AM enjoying taking care of my precious body

I AM grateful for the sense of well-being that fills my consciousness every day.

I AM allowing all aspects of my being to be vital and alive.

I AM chosing now to love my body – it is doing it´s best to keep me healthy – My Love supports my cells to keep me healthy, vibrant and alive

I AM now Breathing deeply to elevate my mood and energize my body.

I AM really enjoying that All the cells in my body resonate in perfect harmony

I AM grateful for the aura of vibrant well-being that now surrounds my body and mind.

I AM Divine intelligence

I AM Love

I AM Harmony

I AM Complete

I AM proud and excited by being a person that has taken full responsibility over my health and wellbeing

I AM enjoying that every cell in my body vibrates in the frequency of brilliant health and vitality.

I AM now allowing Every cell in my body to replenish, repair, and celebrate my strong and flexible body

I AM opening my heart to Universal Love – when I give and receive love – my body is healthy

I AM a Soul in a human body – I chose this body – It is the best body I could have for my learning experience here on earth. I choose to honor, respect and LOVE my body

I AM celebrating my Vibrant health

I AM now sending love and gratitude to every part of my body.

I AM now opening up and welcoming an increasingly higher dose of life force to fill up my entire being

I AM now Healing Deeply

I AM now filling my body with Divine light and love

I AM surprising myself everyday by how easy it is for me to make healthy choices.

I AM surprising myself with new ways of thinking that really feels empowering and uplifting

I AM inspired and motivated to take action NOW.

I AM bathing in energy and vitality.

I AM nourishing my body with plenty of water

I AM so happy and grateful for Every fiber of my being is vibrantly alive.

I AM now surprising myself with how motivated I am to exercising

I AM having fun while exercising my awesome body

I AM now working out in the way that gives me most joy

I AM motivated and inspired to make the choices that I now are for my highest good

I AM enjoying my constant improvement in whatever I choose to do

I AM breathing more deeply because it detoxes me faster than anything else

I AM making the best choices for me, because I CAN

I AM now absorbing the infinite life force from creation through the pores of my skin

Now matter where I am, or who I am with, or which hour it is – I AM making choices that supports my well-being at all levels. My wellbeing and health are my top priority – so making good choices are easy and feels amazing!

I AM curiously and excited as I AM now listening to my body as it communicates what it likes

I AM grateful for the brilliant flexibility and awesome strength in my core muscles

I AM grateful to have such a good friend as my body.

I AM now in the moment

I AM pure life force in a human body

I AM soaring with Prana

I AM absorbing the life-giving energy of the universe.

I AM Health
I AM Wellbeing
I AM Complete

I AM enjoying the foods that are best for my body.

I AM constantly discovering new ways to improve my health.

I AM returning my body to optimal health by giving it what it needs on every level.

I AM now allowing myself to be totally in sync with life.

I AM allowing the intelligence of my body to do its healing work naturally now.

I AM balancing my life between work, rest, and play.

I AM grateful to be alive today. It is my joy and pleasure to live another wonderful day.

I AM lovingly taking care of my body and my body appreciates how I take care of it.

I AM lovingly do everything I can to assist my body in maintaining perfect health.

I AM Divinely guided to make the choices that supports a strong, healthy and happy body.

I AM now connecting to my subconscious blueprint of Perfect health

I AM shining the light of Perfect health and Divine intelligence

I AM Filling my mind with pleasant, uplifting and empowering thoughts

I AM now really aware that My happy thoughts help create my healthy body.

I AM connected with that part of myself that knows how to heal.

I AM breathing deeply and fully. I take in the breath of life, and I am nourished.

I AM safe
I AM free
I AM love


From the Heart,

Kenneth Soares


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