The secret to the life you always wanted – Creative visualization (Part 2)

Power of creative visualization

Creative Visualization is also known as a form of therapy also called imagery therapy.  Doctors; such as Dr Weil, found that by having patients visualize certain things in their head, many of these patients can go through accelerated healing even from deadly diseases. Creative visualization is the act of seeing in your mind’s eye, that which you want to attract in your life, whether it is a positive outcome to a difficult situation or a cure to an illness or disease you have. What ever it could be, Creative visualization can help in all these areas.

Dr. Cathryne Maciolek, a D.C. area psychotherapists, uses visualization in her clinical practice.  She quotes Rosabeth Moss Kanter to illustrate the power of the technique, “A vision is not just a picture of what could be; it is an appeal to our better selves, a call to become something more.” She explains that visualization is a means of control in an uncontrollable situation.

Dr. Maciolek states that “Visualization is not only used to cope with psychological diagnoses such as anxiety and depression, but it can be used in our everyday lives.”  For patients battling anxiety, Dr. Maciolek uses visualization to create “mental vacations.” This technique involves imagining a place that is calm and comforting.


5  energy visualization tips

I learnt these visualization tips from Jeffery Allen a spiritual teacher and they have made a profound impact to my life. I feel whilst on the topic of visualization, I have to share…

  1. Focus – Attention & clarity: Clear thinking and intuition requires your focus and attention. Tip: Imagine there is a magnet behind your eyes gathering all your scattered energy and attention. Feel your energy begin to concentrate behind your eyes. Give yourself one minute to collect your energy before opening your eyes and continuing your day.
  2. Inspiration & Creativity: Let your creative energy flow, being creative requires energy. Tip: Imagine streams of energy flowing above you being drawn into your head. Feel it go down through your neck, down your arms, and into your hands. After one minute, start opening and closing your hands to increase the flow of creative energy.
  3. Boundaries – Give yourself room to breathe: Whenever you are overwhelmed by your day, use this visualization to give yourself the room to breathe and maintain a strong presence energetically. Tip: Imagine a warm, glowing aura expanding from your body until it’s about arms-length on all sides. Feel the bubble of energy around you making it easier to breath and be more aware of your body.
  4. Grounding – Be powerfully present in your body: It’s funny how easily we can get scattered during the day. So many things call our attention that we can forget where we are. Reconnecting with your body and the earth is the fastest way to achieve a peaceful, powerful presence. Tip: Imagine a tree extending from your hips deep into the earth. As you root, feel yourself becoming powerfully present in your body. Hold this intention for one minute. You will feel grounded and connected to the earth and the effects will last for hours.
  5. Decisions – Visualize your future possibilities: Visualization is a powerful tool for intuition and making choices! Tip: Imagine a movie screen or stage before your eyes. Think of three possible choices you might make about something in particular. For each choice, visualize a path for each decision and imagine walking down each path. Notice your reactions to what you see and hear. Which journey did you enjoy the most? That should indicate your preferred decision.





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