How to strike up a conversation with your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND

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Your subconscious mind makes up approximately 80% of your brain power. It is the storage system of your memories, thoughts and experiences from the day you were born. Surprisingly, the subconscious mind does not forget ANYTHING and is also responsible for your belief systems and your thinking patterns.

Knowing the activity of your subconscious mind is crucial when it comes to designing the life you desire.

Why? Because the thoughts and beliefs that come from this aspect of your mind are fully responsible for your circumstances and your life experience.


How so?

Let’s use an analogy. Imagine a splash of water on a worktop. If you were to dip your finger in the water and then drag it out, the water follows your finger. No matter the complexity of the design you make – the water will follow EVERY SINGLE TIME. This is comparable to the design of your life and the impact of your mind on it. Using this example, the mind is your finger and the water is the sea of possibilities. The only difference is that this ‘water’ never runs out. Your possibilities are endless and infinite. Next difference – your mind is also far more magnetic than a measly little finger!


Myth: You have to strive hard to get what you want.

False. When you understand how energy works, this myth will no longer be a factor when it comes to fulfilling your desires. If you imagine that the entire Universe has been created from a single point, expanding outwards, it becomes easier to understand that you never need to strive…all you do is attract. Like the water in the above example, which is attracted to the course of your finger. That doesn’t mean you can stay in bed and everything you want will drop into it. It means you will be GUIDED, which is very different to  you striving.

The Universe is comparable to a net which has been cast out far and wide. It contains everything that is ever required to CREATE what you want. The Universe has expanded from a single point, so everything we want, need and desire is RIGHT HERE. Whether it be peace, love, joy, a car, a house…every single component part of that material exists within this Universal ‘net’. The trick is to use all the energetic component parts accurately to COMPOSE your desired reality. Kind of like getting all the ingredients you need to bake a cake.



Sounds complicated?

Well, what if I was to tell you that you have been doing this your entire life?

Magnetically, you have ‘drawn’ the energy from this ‘container’ of the Universe, (like the water across the worktop), attracting to you that which your mind focuses on.

How AMAZING are you! The only place you have stumbled in the pursuit of your desire, is hidden within the mental focus. Specifically, in the depths and the activity of your subconscious mind. When you feel like you are not getting what you want, you have effectively, bought ingredients for a pizza out of which you are hoping to make a cake. Your subconscious mind has dictated what to bring into your reality based upon its beliefs and what is stored in it. To get what you want, you just need to clear the mind and direct it in a way that serves you.

‘Know thyself. So, what exactly, is your mind focussing on? Look around you. Look at your circumstances. They are the true indicator of your mental focus. To design your life, however, you need to focus on what you want BEFORE it enters your reality. To do this, you have got to look AT your mind and see which direction it is going in. You have to gain more awareness about it.

Below is a super easy way to find out what your subconscious mind is ‘up to’ and I have used inspiration from the ancient Hawaiian method of Ho’oponopono. This technique uses 4 STEPS towards energetic clearing. It is SO simple, that its effectivity is sometimes overlooked.

To find out what is playing a role in your subconscious mind and creating your current reality, say the 4 statements below to yourself. Then with your minds eye ‘see’ what comes up firstWhich image, which visual, which thought. THAT IS YOUR MENTAL FOCUS.

The 4 statements are based on, and cover, ALL the subconscious beliefs and blocks that prevent you from getting what you want. They are as follows:






EXAMPLES of how these seemingly simple statements work subconsciously:

  • When saying ‘I love you‘, you may see an image of a partner who has hurt you. This ‘hurt’, when made apparent and brought to the forefront of your mind, simply dissolves. This allows energy to be drawn to you, that is not ‘hurting’ in nature.
  • When saying ‘Please forgive me‘, you may see an image of a relative that you may have upset. They will ‘jump up’ into your mind space, showing you that they have been ‘hiding’ in your subconscious mind and participating, in someway, in your reality. By recognition and repetition, these subconscious (and therefore energetic) ‘blocks’ release their hold.

All 4 statements bear the same weight when it comes to clearing. They cleverly address different and important aspects of your subconscious make up and intensely impact it at very deep level.

This technique is a great way to strike up a conversation with your subconscious mind. After all, it is in our best interest to get acquainted with it. When our mind is understood, it can be our best ally, when it is not, it can be our worst enemy.

Pesky mind! Get it out of the driving seat and into the passenger!


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