The Power of THOUGHT

Everything vibrates. Every atom, every cell, everything is energy in motion.

This includes our THOUGHTS.

When we think, on a conscious or a subconscious level, physical changes are happening. Little electrical charges are firing through our neurones through to our bodies and impacting the cells and tissues. Thoughts (and in particular their  offshoot – emotions) cause physical changes in our internal matter as well as our external surroundings.

(See PowerThoughts article on the Electricty of the body HERE)


It has been proven by science that long term thinking patterns can lead to changes within the brain.

Your Hypothalamus is the manager of your brain and the emotional hub of the body. It is the master controller of all of your hormones, your immune system, and your brain chemistry.  All the signals from your body route through your thalamus to your cerebral cortex, where you do all your thinking. Similarly, all of your thoughts route through your thalamus before affecting other parts of your body.

Your thoughts will cause physical changes in the neuronal pathways within the hypothalamus and other aspects of your brain (known as Neuroplasticity). This leads to cycles of thinking and habitual thought patterns.


Serotonin is a hormone responsible for feeling good and calm – A ‘happy’ chemical. Not having enough of this neurotransmitter in the body can lead to symptoms such as moodiness, irritability and negative thinking as well as physical changes in the brain. If you regularly feel good, your brain will change to release more of these feel good chemicals. If you regularly feel bad, your brain will adapt to give you less feel good chemicals.

Whatever your consistent state of mind – your brain will ‘help you’ to enhance it! Whether it be positive or negative.

Not only does the chemistry of our brain affect our mood, but the opposite can also happen, our moods can actually affect the structure of the neuronal pathways within the brain. Think about the impact of exercise on our muscles… the more we work out, the bigger the muscle will be. If we stop, the muscles reduce in size. In turn, the stronger the muscle, the greater the ability to exercise. Thinking follows a similar cycle.



In his widely-acclaimed book, ‘The Brain That Changes Itself’, Norman Doidge M.D. states plainly that the brain is a dynamic organ and therefore has the capacity to rewire itself and form new neural pathways. Regular ‘practice’ of positive thinking will enhance your brain’s capacity to feel good.

Another very interesting experiment was carried out by Sara Lazar from Harvard University in the year 2000. She successfully demonstrated that practices of MEDITATION can lead to brain (cortical) thickness and increased grey matter density (check out the details HERE). And guess what, Meditation is known to increase the levels of Serotonin, Dopamine and Endorphins in the body. Again, this study highlights the link between our thinking, physical brain changes and the impact, therefore, of thoughts on matter.

Long term meditation practice can lead to benefits such as slowing down the aging process, reducing anxiety and depression and improved cardiovascular health. And it appears all of these benefits stem from changing the activity of the mind. (Have a look at more benefits HERE)


Meditation gives you “whole brain synchronization


Not only is Meditation known to increase the size of your brain, it also allows for aspects of your brain to become engaged that lay dormant.

Your brain has two hemispheres, left and right. Left hemisphere thinking is logical, practical, and mathematical. Right hemisphere thinking is intuitive, abstract, big-picture focused, and creative. Numerous studies have shown that the worlds’ greatest thinkers, inventors, artists and scientists use both brain hemispheres together, in unison. Meditation has been scientifically proven to synchronize your left and right brain, allowing extremely beneficial changes in thought, communication, neural chemistry, and intellectual processing power. Meditation actually super-charges your brain!




 What you think about, and feel emotionally, will cause changes to the energetic field around your body (or the Aura) and thereby affect people and matter around you.

(Refer back to the article for all the juicy facts!)


The knock on effect of our emotional states (which stem from our thinking) is the impact on the auras or fields of those around you. It will even affect the energy of someone on the other side of the planet!! 


“Every electron around every atom in the universe must be shifting as I heat the diamond up, to make sure that none of them end up in the same energy level. When I heat this diamond up, all the electrons in the universe instantly but imperceptibly change their energy levels. So everything is connected to everything else.”


                                       – Prof. Brian Cox, (on the impact of heating a diamond)


Quantum physics has already showing us that observation invariably affects whatever’s being observed. It demonstrates that the simple act of OBSERVATION, changes how MATTER behaves. (Check out the facts HERE). The link between where our emotional focus and awareness is, and the impact on matter has been made very clear too.



Dr. Masaru Emoto very cleverly proved the power of thoughts and intention through his Water Crystal Experiment. In this experiment he proved that prayer, positive words and music had an impact on the structure of water crystals and gave them a more stable, geometric form. On the contrary, when the water was exposed to negative words, pictures or music, the form was distorted, irregular and lacking form. Bearing in mind, we are predominantly composed of water, the potential link between our thoughts and the impact on our bodies is clear to see. Seeing as we are all connected, our thoughts have the ability to affect everything and everyone around us on a subatomic level. Cool, huh?




Food for Thought: Think about those days when ‘nothing seems to be going right’. Energetically, on some level, I wonder if our thoughts perpetuate energetic shifts in our external environment (in a similar way to the brain) to enhance our mindset at the time….Hmm!





So, be careful what you think about and wish for!


  Your thoughts are VERY powerful  

– not only do they have the ability to physically change your body and the electromagnetic field around it…They also affect the electromagnetic fields of those who around you … and even Joe Bloggs in Timbuktu! As well as this, whatever you think about on a consistent basis is exactly what you will get more of! Whether it be positive or negative


Mind = Blown.





Check out some Guided Meditations below:

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