How To Use Solfeggio Frequencies



Which frequency should I listen to first and in what order?

There are no rules on how to use the Solfeggios, no particular order to follow. Listen to the ones you are drawn to. Listen to the frequency of choice only for as long as it feels right for you. As you start to “loose interest”, go the the next one that feels right for you.

How much time should I invest to benefit from the frequencies?

Listen for at least 3 times per week, minimum 15 minutes per session, for a period of 4-6 weeks. You can also listen daily by using it as background music while doing other things (studying, tithing, work, working out, yoga, etc.) Even use the PureTone Solfeggios in the backround at low volume while watching a movie or listening to music. Be creative.

Headphones or not?

Headphones are not required, however they can help you enhance the listening experience and audio stimulation. Do what you prefer. There are no rules.

Volume – which level is optimal?

If you are listening to pure solfeggio frequencies without any additional music, then we would recommend you to fine tune the volume so that it is comfortable for you. Some people are very sensitive to sound and some are not. Find your optimal volume level.

This should also apply for solfeggios mixed with music or nature sounds, however the solfeggio frequencies are usually at a lower level than the music or nature sounds, so it is more natural to play this at a higher volume. Find your optimal volume level.

Is it safe to listen to while sleeping?

Yes it is safe. It may sometimes impact your dreaming, since your subconscious is working with the frequencies healing vibrations.

Eyes open or closed?

Whatever you feel is most comfortable and effective for you, depending on if you are relaxing/meditating or doing activities that need you to focus with your eyes open.

Which position should I be in while listening?

There’s no special “Solfeggio position”. You can find quiet and comfortable place where you can sit or lie down, or do whatever you feel like doing. It´s a good rule to avoid listening to this while driving car or operating machinery where you need to be alert.

Do I need to focus on something or think about something?

There are no rules here. Your subconscious mind will activate the healing process either you think thoughts or clear your mind from thoughts. Do what feels best with an intention to heal. Some like to visualise their dream future, some like to just connect with emotions that needs healing, some like to just breath, others just listen an reap the benefits.

What if i feel “negative” emotions or bodily sensations while listening?

As you also start to listen to the frequencies, you may encounter symptoms such as headaches, body twitches or even nausea. You may also feel emotions like anger, sadness, irritation, frustration, fear, anxiety, guilt, etc. come to surface. Do not be alarmed. This is perfectly normal. The tones are removing energetic blockages from your body so that the natural flow of energy circulates more freely. Just do your best to stay in that emotion so that your energy system can fully heal it. When they come to surface they are ready to let go. So it is safe to allow yourself to feel them. You may encounter these experiences through several listenings before they start to fade away for good. Patience and courage may be needed. And you have that within you.



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