How To Raise The Vibration Of Our Collective Consciousness

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Like a ripple, I can touch the entire ocean. I can blow fallen leaves gently to the seams of the river. Like a ripple, I can scatter the sun.

I’d like to share with you this beautiful feeling I get whenever I wake up in the morning. It is as if a soft ball of tenderness is in my heart is about to flutter into beautiful wild flowers, flickers of sunlight, and love vibrations. I believe we all have that in us. You have that in you; within you.This is my energy vibration – this is something so sacred and special that I carry with me wherever I am. This is the entire universe within me. And you, you also carry this wherever you are. Together, we breathe in, breathe out, and radiate this beautiful collective energy and consciousness every time we empathize, every time we believe, and each time we love.

Do you recall all those moments when you reflect and realize how beautiful your life is? There is this surge of magic moving from your heart to your face. You can feel the energy travelling from your center to the surface of your skin. Isn’t it magical?
Your energy vibration is vital on how our planet moves. It is a beautiful force that makes collective visions happen and manifest in tangible outcomes. Your energy vibration is deeply connected with hundreds and thousands of dreamers and lovers all over the planet. As you close your eyes to dream, there are many of us, including I, who dream with you.

Remember the time when you feel negative and doubtful about humanity? Those moments when you would question kindness and compassion? You would attract heaviness, you would notice the worse. This is because you also affect our collective energy; you also disturb this shared harmony among us.“Each of us is a unique thread, woven into the beautiful fabric, of our collective consciousness.” I invite you to join this circle of beautiful threads that make up such wonderful tapestry. Let me share to you ways on how to let your energy vibration impact our collective energy and consciousness for the best:



In gratitude, you are able to see beyond. Let it enrich your everyday. You are immersed in the most beautiful planet filled with wonder, generosity, and magic. Recognize the abundance and honor it. When you are grateful, you will also notice that you are surrounded by so many beautiful gifts to be thankful for. As you offer gratitude to the world, other people feel that. As you exude the flickers of ‘thank you’ in whatever you receive and accept, humanity thrives- flowing through the dark, passing through the hardened. They sense your appreciation. They sense your awe. They absorb your energy. They become grateful, they become more aware of so many reasons to hold on to beauty; to live for love.


Find time for STILLNESS, find time for QUIET

In stillness we are one. Always find time to keep still. When you are still, the universe is tranquil and at peace with you. If it seems that you are surrounded by noise or by hate, be still and listen intently. And as you listen, blurs will become clearer. It is only through stillness and quietness that you hold our collective energy with grace, with humility, and with strength. Even when others are anxious, keep still and they will be reminded of their own steadfastness, their own balance.


Protect your IMAGINATION always

Imagining and daydreaming are sacred ways to talk to the universe. Your every attempt to protect your imagination is also your great contribution in protecting our collective consciousness. Your imagination truly understands the language of beauty and transcendence. Imagination keeps lets us build bridges in between each other – to connect us in our similarities rather than divide us because of our differences. When you imagine, you tap into that magical world of limitless possibilities. You stand in the frontiers of humanity and stand with others who are also not afraid to dream.


Be fuelled by LOVE and NEVER by wounds

Pain may be inevitable but never let the wounds fuel you. Most often we mistaken our impulses as wounds, most often, we assume that biases are wounds. Recognize that the pain and the scabs are only on the surface, and beneath both is the passage of light, the womb of love that you can give to yourself, to others, and the universe endlessly. Be fuelled by love and you’ll always be guided closer to kindred spirits, fellow visionaries, and infinite connections. Be fuelled by love and our beloved planet will feel it. Be fuelled by love and all these beautiful webs of inspiration and transformation.

You are the ripple that touches the entire ocean. You blow fallen leaves gently to the seams of the river. You scatter the sun.

– Kristine Buenavista

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I am Divine Light working through a physical body and so are you. Soul purpose: spread wisdom and Universal truth with the intention to help brothers and sister with the awakening of consciousness and raise vibration. To help and support in the transformation process, from darkness to light. I Love You. I Thank you.
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