How to boost your confidence with easy body language anyone can do!


Did you know that higher levels of testosterone in your body leads to increased feelings of confidence? Yup, in both women and men! Lower levels of cortisol leads to decreased anxiety and builds up tolerance and increased ability to deal with stress!


Here’s some great news! We human beings can regulate our testosterone and cortisol levels by simply changing our body posture. A slight change in the way we for example sit, stand or walk can have profound effects on our psychology. Our physiology affects our psychology and vice versa. Can how you stand or sit affect your success? Research says yes!



”Power posing produces significant and immediate changes in your body’s chemistry. After just two minutes in a high-power pose, your testosterone levels — the “dominance” hormone — can skyrocket 20%. It will also cause your cortisol levels — the “stress” hormone — to fall sharply. When cortisol levels drop, people are better able to handle stressful situations.”

source: Buisnessinsider.

Research coming out of Harvard University, The University of Oregon, The University of Texas and many other places is revealing that powerful and effective leaders not only share similar mindsets, but also higher levels of testosterone and lower levels of cortisol!

Here are some power poses you can use that gives increased confidence and shield you from stress!

1. Plant your feet widely and stretch your arms overhead in a V Shape.

Hold this pose for 2 minutes to set those hormonal changes in motion and quickly increase your confidence, inner peace and self-esteem. Can be very effective to do before an interview or a talk with your boss or something you would regularly feel nervous about doing.

2. Keep your head up and look straight instead of down at your feet.

Looking down subconsciously communicates that we don’t want to engage in conversation with others. Tilting your head slightly up, or straight forward indicates confidences and openness. Keep your head up, and make it a habit . Do it even while walking down the street.

3. Straighten your spine and relax your neck!

Standing up straight is one of the most important keys to communicating confidence to others. Straighten your neck and spine and slightly push your shoulders back. Practice this pose and make it a habit. Try in front of a mirror. Holding this pose for a minute will change the chemistry of your body and you will feel more positive , confident and strong!


Did you know that holding a smile for 20-30 seconds releases feel good chemicals in our brains and communicates friendliness and kindness to other people? Smiling makes other people automatically feel more safe and relaxed around you. Research also tells us that smiling makes us more attractive to other people. So if you want to look good, smile. Or even better, laugh!

”Laughter is a smile having an orgasm”

4. Uncross your hands and feet. Palms up

Open palms usually have a positive effect on people. It communicates openness and receptiveness. It’s very effective in making amends or closing a sale! Combined with outstretched arms, it communicates acceptance, openness and trustworthiness.

5. Hands on hips

Stand with your feet apart, hands on hips, chest lifted and a smile on your lips! This pose will set hormonal changes in motion and quickly boost your confidence. The longer you hold the pose, the better effect it has. This pose is a great way to communicate confidence to other people. Try it!

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