What is Meditation?


Meditation is a mean of balancing our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing. Its an approach used to train the mind, similar to the way that fitness is an approach to training the body. There are many benefits of practising meditation regularly which extend into improved quality of life and enhanced state of mind. It is also an excellent way to train your mind to stay in the present moment, rather than living in the past or future too much.

Many assositate the word meditation with sitting i lotus position with both hands resting on your knees with thumb and index finger together, completely free from thoughts. While this is a way of meditating, it´s not the only way. Actually many find this position uncomfortable and actually makes them think “I can not meditate”. Everybody can meditate. Our opinion is that it is very important to become more flexible on how we can meditate, so that it is easier to do it.

You can lie down, you can sit, you can lay on the side. You can meditate in weird yoga positions. Find your position. Yes we know that a straight spine lets the energy flow free between the chakras, and that hands and feet should not be crossed. However,  it may be more important to be comfortable in the meditation process, rather than to follow “rules”. You decide. Maybe it would be easier to adapt the standard style meditation when meditation has become a ritual that you “need” to do.


The state of Meditation

Our brainwaves goes into alpha or/and theta brainwaves. Its a natural state in which you go in and out of daily: listening to music, daydreaming, driving and not thinking about driving, right after you wake up and reading a book or being engaged in a movie. These are just a few examples. You may become relaxed in your body. Tingling sensations in hands and feet, as the energy flows more freely. You may feel as if your body is heavy or floating. You become the consciousness behind your thoughts. The observer of the mind. You may also receive flashes of insight or creative ideas that pops to mind. There is no rules here. Only you can experience being in your body and mind, so the way you experience being in a meditate state, that is the right way for you.


Why Do People Meditate?

Different things for different people. For some people, it’s about a specific benefit (better health, performance, creativity, etc.), or about personal growth and healing. For others, it’s about spirituality, awakening, and transcendence. Whatever motivates you to start meditating, is good. Your goals may change by time.


How to Start?

To use guided meditations can be a good way to start. Choose a time of the day and a place in your home to do your meditation. Have that ready so that it is easier to just start. Make any small changes you need to make to your schedule and lifestyle, so that this habit is encouraged and has its place. For example, setting up an alarm clock for the meditation time, or preparing a cushion and corner of the room for the practice. Commit to practicing every day. Starting even with one minute per day is ok.


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