I Am Abundance & Success Affirmation Video


2017 is here and I have started it in the spirit of giving. 2017 is the year where I will give massively of my energy, time, knowledge, money and Love. It is not a desire, it is a commitment! This is one of many offerings.

This video contains I AM success affirmations that are focusing on MANIFESTING ABUNDANCE, PROSPERITY AND SUCCESS FROM THE CORE OF YOUR HEART & SOUL, aligned with your Soul mission. Connect to your higher mind, divine creativity and Spirit guidance to LIVE YOUR LIFE PURPOSE and manifest the type of SUCCESS THAT SERVES YOURSELF AND HUMANITY FOR THE HIGHEST GOOD. This is a path to self-mastery.

Mixed with theta 5,5 Hz binaural beats and 432Hz spiritual relaxation music. Music by Jordan Jessep. Affirmations spoken with Love by myself.

The secret to living is giving – Anthony Robbins

Wishing you an Empowering and Abundant new year!

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Thank you for being here. I´m Kenneth, a Loving Soul who are here to learn, teach and shine my light. I am co-creator of PowerThoughts Meditation Club. My life purpose is to spread practical knowledge and healing with Love and Enthusiasm - that raises awareness and inspires people to take full charge and responsibility of their lives, so that we together make this world a more peaceful, joyful and loving place for ALL living beings. I hope you´ll get something valuable out of the energy and information I share with you. From heart to heart...From Soul to Soul...
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