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A special edition of I AM affirmations that is intended to activate a sense of unstoppable Courage, Inner POWER and massive Strength to CONCOUR ANY CHALLENGE that you may be facing – by connecting to your Soul / Higher Self / Universal Intelligence. Activate a sense of purpose and inner guidance through thick and thin. Life is life. We face stuff. Find that DIVINE POWER within you and prevail as the MASTER CREATOR you are! We are pure life-force in a human body!

This is a path to self-mastery of the physical body. Mixed with alpha waves ( 8 HZ binaural beats), solfeggio 852hz and 963hz, OM mantra and powerful drums. The music is in 432Hz tuning.

“After the making of the video “I AM Spiritual Abundance & Success” the feedback was so awesome that I have decided to make a series with the same style of music and visuals, but with different kind of powerful affirmations. I want to create something different. Not with the standard meditation music, but something I haven´t heard before. More rhythm, punch and power. I´ve also added som outstandingly beautiful videos of nature herself. My intention with this video is to meld the physical body, mental, emotional and spiritual body. How much more good can you do in the world when you feel abundantly healthy, happy and vibrant?

From my Heart to Yours,
Kenneth Soares


Here is the list of most of the affirmation I wrote for this video


Decide now that this day is YOUR opportunity too turn things around for the better

I am strong and balanced

I am like a tall tree with thick and strong roots connecting deep into mother earth

I am much stronger and powerful than any challenge – I choose now to connect with that power.

I am bathing in the river of courage and strength

I am taking a shower of inner peace

I am unstoppable

I am intuitively guided by my soul and the Universe

I am surprising myself everyday with how calm I am

I am brimming with energy

I am making all the right choices, even the choices that don´t seem right are the right choices.

I am always protected by my higher self

I AM grateful for the sense of well-being that fills my consciousness every day.

I AM now Breathing deeply to elevate my mood and energize my body.

I AM Divine intelligence

I AM Love

I AM Harmony

I AM Complete

I AM opening my heart to Universal Love

We are all family, and mother earth is our home

Every person, place and thing is interconnected with love. I am at home in the Universe

Whatever I experience in life – I am bigger than that.

I am a part of something much bigger than myself. I choose to show up in my life and honor the opportunity that I have been given.

I am pure life-force in a human body. I am life.

Whatever I experience in life – I choose to flow with it, because that makes it so much easier and interesting.

I am flexible to changes happening in my life. The more accepting I am of change, the easier it feels. Change is a natural aspect of life. It is a sign of life. And I choose to live

I AM curious about all the solutions that I haven´t thought of yet. All the ideas that are waiting for me.

I am open and allowing for positive things to unfold –

I am deserving

I am willing to forgive so that I free myself from the chains of the past. I am freeing myself right now.

I AM now Healing Deeply

I always find surprisingly good solutions and my ability to conquer my challenges is limitless; my potential to succeed is infinite.

I am an open channel for creative ideas

I am proud of being unique. I am the only person on this planet with my fingerprints. I am me. There is only one me. I choose to honor that brilliant truth

I am courageous and I stand up for myself – because I choose to be me

I am a believer in myself – I am more than good enough

I am thinking thoughts that are filled with positivity

I am patient and tolerant

No matter where I am or who I am with – I am balanced and strong

I straighten up my back, hold my head up and walk like I mean it. Like my feet are kissing the earth.

I am courageous.

I am now committed to take full responsibility for all my thoughts, actions and experiences. I can not change others. How I react to events are my responsibility, and that is brilliant, because I can choose to feel good whatever the circumstance.

My thought about events and people are creating my emotions. I am the master of my thoughts.

I am willing to create new habits that supports my personal growth

I am inner peace.

I am willing to accept the things I cannot change and I am allowing strength and courage into my life.

I am blessed with many things to be grateful for

I am Worthy

I am choose to believe that everything that is happening now is happening for my ultimate good.

I am unstoppable

I am a soul in human body here on this planet to experience and awaken. Whatever I am going through, it is a part of my growing process. I choose to learn and move on.

I AM motivated and inspired to make the choices that I now are for my highest good

I AM enjoying my constant improvement in whatever I choose to do

I AM now allowing myself to be totally in sync with life. Everything that happens has a deeper meaning.

Life is love.

I am love

I am willing to see life through the lens of love

I AM breathing more deeply because it strengths my mind and body

I am a beautiful expression of life.

I am smiling more and more without any reason, because it makes me feel good

I AM safe

I AM free

I AM love

I am who I choose to be

You are who you choose to be

All these words are vibrating at the frequency of truth. You are attracting all these new ideas and thoughts into your reality now, for the highest good of everyone involved. It is already done.

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